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It’s been a long time since I’ve actually made a post. But then again, I had other things to attend to. Namely real life calling and having to deal with a swing shift that sucked the energy from my soul. So! Let’s get a few things started.
I am currently following-
Kimi ni Todoke
Cross Game

That is all. I am watching Nodame Cantabile: Paris and will be following Nodame Cantabile: Finale as soon as I finish this one. I will be putting up a review of Nodame Cantabile&Paris after that as well.

My reviews might be slower than what they were, but I’ll be sure to actually do some for now.


Kimi ni Todoke

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drama unfolds
Kimi ni Todoke Episode 4

Nothing can stay perfect for too long and that’s exactly what happens in the 4th episode of Kimi ni Todoke.

So we open pretty much where we left off. Yano and Yoshida had heard rumors about themselves that presumably Sawako had spread. Of course the two didn’t believe… even laughed at the girls who had insisted that Sawako spread those rumors.

They both figured the best way to find out the truth was to confront Sawako. Sawako pretty much confirms their thoughts as she is so innocent about it and genuinely confused. And you’d think that would be the end of it… wrong.

The rumors grow worse! Yano and Yoshida know better than believing that Sawako is spreading the rumors… until they overhear Sawako talking to another classmate and say that she isn’t friends with Yano and Yoshida. Both are confused and a little hurt… and are dragged away by Pin before they could hear the rest of the conversation on how Sawako believes that what they hold isn’t friendship yet, but she longs for it to be.

So misunderstandings take place… especially after Yano and Yoshida ask Sawako if she like them… and Sawako can only respond as- “Rather than like I…” Of course, the two of them take it the wrong way and Sawako wonders why they seem so sad, even after they said they “understood what she had to say.”

So she scouts out to find the rumor starters… only to hear some in depth of such rumors… for example, how this mysterious person has Yano and Yoshida as back up and has Kazehaya slaving around for her… only to find out it’s herself that they are talking about… and then she hears the gossipers whisper on how Kazehaya, Yano, and Yoshida would all be happy without her and that poor Kazehaya’s popularity would definitely drop.

Of course Sawako takes this to heart and wonders if she should start avoiding them so they can all be happy again. So anytime she’s caught alone with Yano, Yoshida, or Kazehaya and someone stumbles upon them… she flees.

My Thoughts
I’m really enjoying this anime. I feel sorry for the foursome right now. Yano and Yoshida are taking it in hard… crying and staying up all night over it when it’s all a big misunderstanding… and now Kazehaya is slowly getting dragged into the mix. I look forward to the next episode and I’m positive that the next one will smooth things out and maybe even we’ll meet the rumor starter.

Nyan Koi! Episode 4

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pretty much my expression
Nyan Koi! Episode 4

There is something about the fourth episode of series. Gurren Lagann’s 4th episode was done by a different studio, full of crack, and weird animation that most people ended up angry over it.

Nyan Koi! has done the same thing, except that this is just… crack.

I will come right and say this now before I begin my description- I did not like this episode. My words may be biased.


This episode introduces a new character, Ichinose. In the beginning everyone believed he was in love with Mizuno. After all, he watched her adoringly at track practice and seemed to really like her. So he challenges Junpei. Of course, Junpei ignores this.

Unfortunately for him, Ichinose is persistent and goes to Junpei’s classroom to give him a more direct challenge… but then passes out. Turns out, Ichinose has a cold.

Junpei, Mizuno, and Kana all take him to his house… which looks to be part of the Japanese underground (that’s what the fansub I watched says, they might mean Yakuza.) While there, Junpei meets Ichinose’s cat- a male cat named Josephine and has a giant red bow tied around it’s neck. Josephine instantly recognizes Junpei and asks him to help his master fall in love.

Ichinose’s grandfather leads Junpei to where Ichinose is, where he begins to spazz out asking Junpei for a duel again and freaking out about the lightning. It is there, where Ichinose is revealed to be a woman.

And then she pretty much falls in love with what Junpei says. And that’s pretty much the ending of the episode.

My Thoughts
Like I stated before, I did not like this episode. The animation, while still decent, did a lot of the whole ‘weird anime cliche shit’… like people turning into formless blobs, angry purple smoke, lightning behind them… all the stupid stuff that anime is famous for. It was all complied into this episode and really made me dislike this episode. It was too much of silliness, not enough of plot.

The only part I really liked about this episode was Josephine.

Kimi ni Todoke 3

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Kimi ni Todoke Episode 3
Kimi ni Todoke Episode 3

I don’t even know where to begin in this episode. I feel like fangirling all over this post, but I will try to refrain until I get to my thoughts.

The episode opens up with Sawako trying to greet her two new friends, Yano and Yoshida, with a cheerful look. Of course, since this is Sawako, it backfires and doesn’t look so cheerful. They explain to her that she should smile when she’s happy… of course Sawako’s main version of a smile is quite creepy.

Kazehaya barely makes it in time for the last bell and then he brings up to Sawako how he hasn’t named the dog yet and wants her opinion. Unfortunately for both of them, someone barks ‘Pedro Martinez!’

That someone, happens to be the assistant teacher, Arai Kazuichi(aka Pin), who is subbing for their normal homeroom teacher. Kazuichi is, obviously, slightly younger than their normal homeroom teacher and tends to be a little… energetic. Even going so far as to try and stare at Sawako for a long period of time (I believe in the manga it was longer than 3-5 seconds) and survive/not be cursed. He exclaims on how great he is…

and then Kazehaya tries… and ends up blushing and can’t keep eye contact with her (ah, young blossoming love).

Pin tells everyone that he is going to pick out someone to stay behind and write down the class attendance log, which Sawako offers, which in turn has Kazehaya saying he would too… and then everyone begins jumping in… but it seems like only Sawako does it… until Kazehaya escapes from Pin.

A cute moment passes for Kazehaya and Sawako as they sit together in an empty classroom, writing down each other’s name. Then Kazehaya gets called back to Pin and these two girls come in… Hirano and Endou… and once again, Sawako opens her heart to others.

They share another moment on the stairs, where Kazehaya confesses that the one who moves him most is Sawako. And of course mysterious girl A is watching in the shadows.

Then when we cut to the next day, another cute moment occurs… Kazehaya passes a note to Sawako… who thinks she needs to pass it along to either Yano or Sanada… she chooses Sanada, in which Kazehaya quickly slaps his hand on Sanada’s desk and snatches the note. Sawako feels she had done wrong on her first “mission”… well, Kazehaya writes on the note that it’s for her… and cutely points to her when she points to her self. ‘Ku~ro~na~ma~’

And the note is asking her if she’d like to take Maru(Pedro Martinez shortened of course) out for a walk. Of course she does! So they take the puppy for a walk(where Sawako brought “bait” to get Maru to run at her) Kazehaya asks her what she does in Study hall… and when she replies with “study” “daydream” (something along those lines) she explains it to him and then the next day she helps him in his studies… but then everyone joins in… and once again, Sawako opens her heart. And then… in front of everyone, Sawako smiles beautifully. Everyone is effected and some aren’t even sure she even smiled.

And then… at the end… apparently these girls tell Yano and Yoshida(after Yoshida forces them) that Sawako is the one spreading rumors. Aaand end of episode. I left out some things, but that’s okay!

My Thoughts
NNNNNNNN~~ This anime keeps getting cuter! I love it. First off, I’m pretty sure Pin’s voice actor is Itou Kentarou. It sounds like him and to be honest, that’s who I kind of pictured for him (most of the voice actors have been very spot on!) and then… just… just this whole episode! Bubbles flying everywhere, happiness everywhere. Aaah~ It was cuteness overload.

A perfect ending for the drama that is to come.

Kobato 3

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Kobato Episode 3
Kobato Episode 3

I’ve already explained somewhat of what Kobato is about in a previous entry, so I won’t go back to what this show is about and hop right into what was going on.

Kobato is living in the playground… well, it appears a lot of rain has decided to strike upon poor Kobato. Luckily for her, Sayaka sees her and offers her a place at a friend’s of hers… Chitose… sound familiar? In fact, does she look familiar? She should. Chobits characters abound. Including twin daughters- Chise and Chiho.

Anyways, she ends up living in those apartments and somehow forgets her umbrella the next day, borrowing from a baker at a pastry store. The whole plot of this episode seemed to revolve around this one girl, Mitusumi(or something) and her love/hate relationship with a fellow student… Kobato helps her and gets another candy… and we get an appearance from Kohaku and Shuuichiro of WISH.
Shuuichiro and Kohaku

My Thoughts
This episode was cute. There were a lot of inconsistencies… for example… in the beginning, Kobato has an umbrella… and then it’s magically gone. She suddenly doesn’t even own one. 😐 There were more, but that is the major one.

Either way it was a cute episode and I’m still satisfied.

Manga Post – Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
This shounen manga has been going on for a couple of years, but I’m just now getting into it and finally finished catching up to it. Here is a short summary from Onemanga
Tsuna one day comes home, greeted by a little baby mafioso who apparently is his new home tutor. His job is to guide Tsuna into his role as the 10th Boss of the Vongola family. With the help of all his new friends and an array of special items such as the “,Dying Will Bullet”, he might just be able to do it.

Right from the start, it sounds kind of goofy. And at the start, it is goofy. Real goofy. The manga in the beginning seems to be nothing more than silly hi-jinks. It’s full of useless stuff that happens for almost no reason whatsoever. The only legitimate reason for most of the nonsense is- a) introducing characters and b) showing off the power of the “Dying Will Bullet”.

But what happens after we see most of what the dying will bullet does? When most, if not all, the main characters are introduced?

Despite the manga going off into this goofiness(for like, 50 chapters or so), it does remind you that this is about a mafia. The mafia that Tsuna is being forced of being the 10th boss of. And after the 50 chapter goofiness and weirdness, it’s time to get serious. Tsuna and his “family”, which are revealed within the chapters after the weird, light-hearted chapters, are thrown into this fight against a group called the Varia… who want these “Vongola rings”.

I won’t spoil anything, but after that, things turn even more serious.

Aside from the plot advancement. Character development is a weird thing in Reborn! Some characters, you can tell that their character has grown– especially Tsuna. Tsuna, while still finicky and unsure of himself… does what’s right now more than just crumpling at the sight of something fearful until Reborn hits him with a dying will bullet. Tsuna has become more and capable of not only fighting for himself, but fighting for and defending his “family”.

Other characters, don’t really show true character development, imo. They show strength progress. For example, Yamamoto is very much the same person he started out as, but he has mastered his sword… he started out as some kid who only knew how to use a baseball bat to using a four sword style.

But in the world of shounen manga, strength progress = character development. So one must look at that with the bat of an eye.

The art of Reborn! isn’t too bad… it definitely has changed from the first chapters until now-

beginning art
Tsuna from the 1st chapter.

chapter 262
Tsuna from the 262nd chapter.

As you can tell by these pictures (kind of)… the beginning art is more grainy… lines are “softer”. The newer art looks delicate in a sharp way. The lines are more defined and the art is more clear… it has also become more “beautiful”.

My Thoughts
Reborn! is your typical manga. It’s full of the usual “fight, growth” formula that all shounen manga follows. And like many shounen manga(not all), the females are few and far between and they do lack in being good females. Bianchi and La Mirch are good examples of strong women in the Reborn world… La Mirch especially, but it is a male dominated world in Reborn! But what shounen manga isn’t?

All in all, the characters are what make Reborn! fun to read. And I recommend this manga to anyone who can stand long chapter shounen series… and can dig the yaoi fandom in it. (you know how that goes with a lot of shounen manga [example- Naruto])

Nyan Koi 3

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Nyan Koi 3!
Nyan Koi! Episode 3
Story in short of what Nyan Koi! is about-
Kosaka Junpei has a terrible allergy to cats. If they get too close to him he starts sneezing and hacking up a storm. Unfortunately for him, his sister and mother are cat lovers and demand to keep a cat, regardless of Junpei’s extreme allergy.
One day, Junpei accidentally knocks off this cat statue’s (a shrine guardian of sorts, if you will) head and from them on is cursed. He is able to hear the translated words of cats! But not only that, if he doesn’t help 100 cats, he’ll turn into a cat himself. With his allergies, his own fur would end up killing him! So now he is on a mission to stop this from becoming a reality.

Now, once again, this series isn’t too serious that you need to follow it episode by episode. But it would be best to get exactly what’s going. After all, they don’t explain the curse every episode and characters do change within an episode, so it is best to go and watch the first two episodes before reading this blog if you haven’t done so already!

The third episode introduces us to College Sophomore Mochizuki Chizuru, who is working as a mail woman. After Junpei meets her, he realizes her sense of direction is so poor that she got lost trying to find her way to the priest’s temple when their is only one way in. So, he decides to help her out. Unfortunately, along the way he is roped into helping cats as well. He had to get a meal for one, get something away from a yard(with an angry dog in it), and even write a birthday card for a cat’s owner. All the while helping Chizuru find all of her destinations.

Normal hi-jinks insue! The lovely game of hide and seek comes into play as Junpei keeps seeing people he wouldn’t want seeing him with a beautiful college student like Chizuru. In the end, three people see him with her… and one of them happens to be the girl he likes, Mizuno Kaede.

After he finishes helping Chizuru he, for some reason, has this flash back of when he first met Kaede… she was just as crazy then as now, and after that, he tries to explain to Kaede why he was with Chizuru. Kaede says it doesn’t matter because he’s with Kana (Junpei’s old friend). Kana appears and drags him off, leaving forlorn Kaede until a new face appears saying they have started running on the track…. parting words from new face- “That guy pisses me off”

My Thoughts
I liked this episode. It didn’t drag along at all and I felt happy watching it. Though I can see elements of the harem beginning to form. We have the girl the main guy likes, the older hottie who likes him, and the best friend that pines for him. Now this new face looks like she’ll be the slightly-lesbian tomboy that will eventually warm up to him. I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t follow that formula.

But so far, it hasn’t gotten too bad to where I won’t follow it! I just hope to keep seeing good things and hope that I see more Chizuru! She’s funny and I like her.

Kimi ni Todoke || Kobato

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Changing Seats
Kimi ni Todoke Episode 2

I didn’t have this blog when I started Kimi ni Todoke, but it actually doesn’t matter too much with this anime. In brief- Kimi ni Todoke is about a young woman named Kuronama Sawako. Despite her humble attitude and graciousness, everyone fears her because she looks a lot like The Ring‘s Sadako… so much that people call her that and think she has supernatural powers and if anyone dares to sit near her or even talk to her, they’d be cursed.

Lucky for the outcast Sawako, there is a ray of light. That ray of light is Kazehaya Shota. Kazehaya is loved by all of his classmates. The huddle around him and all want his attention. But for some reason, Kazehaya is drawn to Sawako. He seems to try to talk to her and eventually gets her to open her heart to him.

Now. When I first saw that, I automatically though Kazehaya was actually being sympathetic to Sawako. Which I do not like. But as time goes by, especially in this 2nd episode, you realize just how genuine Kazehaya really is about Sawako.

This second episode is named ‘Changing Seats’. It starts off with Sawako walking to school in the rain, reminiscing of what Kazehaya had told her, when stumbles upon a stray dog. The dog instantly hates her and growls at her and freaks out. Sawako is unaffected and puts an umbrella over the dog and wishes that someone would eventually take him home. She goes to school soaking wet, the usually “Sadako” stuff happens and then enter Kazahaya– A wet Kazehaya.

Kazehaya was toweling off when he notices an equally wet Sawako. He gets one of Sawako’s classmates, Yoshida, to give her a replacement uniform to wear instead. Despite the uniform smelling like mold, Sawako is so grateful she is near tears. Kazehaya gives her his towel, apologizing on how it’s a little damp from him using it as well.

Then comes the changing of seats issue. No one wants to sit by Sawako… upon learning Sawako has the number 3, everyone hurries to find out who sits beside her, hoping it’s not them. Many students jeer “beware seat 19!”

In which, Kazehaya trades with 19, to sit right beside Sawako… and then Yano and Yoshida refuse to grab a number, sitting directly in front of Sawako and Kazehaya… and now a mysterious new person, Sanada Ryuu, sits right behind Sawako. He says he likes the very back seat near the window though.

But once again, Sawako is so happy that she is near tears, exclaiming how happy she is to have this seat.

My Thoughts
Well, to be perfectly honest, it was as I expected it to be. I couldn’t stop smiling while watching this episode. My heart was pumping so merrily at watching it. Sawako is so cute. And Kazehaya showed a very cute side today in this episode, with his blushing and all. Yano and Yoshida are slowly showing their own sides and now we have Sanada in the mix.

Sawako is slowly gaining friends, without really realizing it, and opening her heart. ;w;

Kobato's dance
Kobato Episode 2

Like Kimi ni Todoke, Kobato is very light hearted. It’s a feel good series that you almost find impossible not to smile at. The story so far, as I know it, is-
Hanato Kobato is on a mission. She wants to get to somewhere, but can only do so when she finds this bottle and fills it with “scarred hearts”. Her stuffed dog, Iroyogi, is there to help her along her way.

So we start our journey with Kobato and Iroyogi-san! When Kobato gets the bottle, it’s out of pure luck. The actual scarred heart took time… which resulted in this episode being Kobato trying her hardest to help people, but not really know what a “scarred heart” really is. She played kick the can with some kids and then looked confidently at the bottle, only to be disheartened to see it still empty! She passed out pocket tissue… still empty.

After she bumps into this one man she met before, Fujimoto Kiyokazu, she follows him, wanting to thank him and find a nursery…. where she volunteers to help, hoping she would be enough help to fill the bottle. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work either!

It was when she finally opened her heart to a young little boy, telling him his mother is a wonderfuly, hard working mom, did she receive a “scarred heart”

My Thoughts
Like Kimi ni Todoke, there isn’t much to this anime yet. It seems it will be one of those “collecting things” anime… but it’s CLAMP, and though I’m not the biggest CLAMP fan, I do like most of their works and this one looks like it will be in lieu with CardCaptor Sakura and be adorable. I anxiously await the next episode.

Welcome to My Blog

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There are thousands upon thousands of anime blogs out there. Why would I have the need to make one of my own? Perhaps it was boredom, or perhaps it was just this curiosity on if I could manage one. But here I am, making an anime blog.

Within this blog, I will discuss a lot of things. I will primarily focus on newer anime, but I will review older ones. I will be making a post around December that will be a look back to the series I’ve watched for the 09 season.

I will try to keep my opinions middle line. Though I can easily admit that I am a fangirl of sorts, I do not agree with being too fangirly.

So enjoy your stay. I will be making an actual post as soon as possible.

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